Friday, April 07, 2006

Why Blog?

For a long time now, I have been wondering about a lot of things that surround us. Throughout the 21-odd years of my (ordinary) life, I have gone through so many experiences. But more importantly. I have learnt something or the other from each one of them. This is what prompted me to share with you, how life is the best teacher you can ever have.
I have been following blogs of many people I know(and some of them whom I never knew), but one thing that interested me in all of them is, what I could take out of it. That's why this blog will be some kind of a food-for-thought where you'll never return empty-handed (or rather,empty-minded). I have also attempted to weave some of these random flow of thoughts into a couple of verses. And hey! you'll also find those "sad PJs" of mine,once-in-a-while.
I hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment on anything you like (epecially anything you don't like)...

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