Monday, April 10, 2006

The sound of silence ...

There are times when you feel to be left totally alone, miles away from everyone. Here are some lines that aim to capture that feeling (btw this interspersing of poems between the posts is intentional..if you didnt like these poems, atleast you can enjoy those 'prosaic' posts..)

Let me enjoy the sound of silence,
No mortals around; not even friends.
A thoughtless state for my mind to attain
Let this soulf feel no joy, no pain.

Let me break free of all desire,
From this meaningless life, let me retire.
Let me rise above this material world
Where hatred grows, abuses hurled.

Every move driven by wants, backed by false notions,
Not a man here is ready to live for his conscience.
No more of this I want now. No pressure or stress.
I am fed up of the false smile; when my heart is in distress.

Let me feel closer to God; to that utlimate goal.
Your words are just words; they no more console.
Let me leave this lifeless desert; let me go now,
And swim in that dropless ocean; that's the ocean of love.

Let me touch that morning mist,
Let me see the sun set hence,
Let me smell those thousand roses,
Let me hear the sound of silence...


Seeker of Truth said...

So true..
Goethe says..
"One can be instructed in company..but inspired only in solitude!"

Vishy said...

Have you heard the song, "The sound of silence" by Simon and Garfunkel?
I have mailed it to you in any case...

savita said...

I am just speechless...

Every word of it felt so TRUE...