Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Joy Of Giving...

This week was full of hectic project work and I needed to wait almost daily till 5 pm in the college in front of my project PC. But a few days back, one of my friends had some BIG problems with their project work and approached me for help. I was almost totally exhausted both mentally and physically (My back was paining as I was sitting for the past 5 hrs in front of the comp. But then, I could not go without helping them, I never had done before...) So I waited back till 8.30 at this person's place and atleast gave them some idea to proceed..When I was returning home, the following lines flew out of my pen..(the metaphors are used in poetic sense..NO offenses meant!!)

Looking at me is a man in need,
His empty stomach he wants to feed.
He stares at me with high hope
But I have other priorities to cope.

For a moment I think of passing by,
Need I help him? I ask WHY?
Others may come after me, I feel.
Am I responsible for his wounds to heal?

But then I can earn the money that I give,
But he wants that penny just to live.
For me, not a great loss it is,
But the gains are worth lakhs of rupees.

A rupee I give him, the least I can do
From the bottom of his heart,he utters 'Thank You!'
The smile on his face enchants me
This is the happiest I could ever be!

My heart filled with ecstasy
The truth if life I can now see.
I now understand what's selfless living,
I have just experience the joy of giving...


Appu said...

hey seshu...
you rock man!!!
I never knew there was such a good poet in you
keep going
I am the first official fan of SESHU - THE POET

savita said...

One word - BEAUTIFUL

vikram said...


Vishy said...

Situational poetry- thats what i call it.
I have to sit with a pen and think, maybe stare at the rotating blades of the fan, for poetry to flow...LOLOL...
Well, each of us has his/her own style...
But i like your style...:-)