Saturday, April 08, 2006


Google! The 6 characters that have been a part of an engineer's life for almost every single day. Atleast for me, it is where I head to for any info on earth, before even giving it a thought about it(in my own li'l database). Though, google has its own flaws ( I have spoken about the absence of context/meaning-identification in my papers)..but still google rocks!!. This Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded company started in 1998 has had phenomenal growth and is synonymous with search for most of the PC users on the earth!!

Here are some more services that google is expanding into..( I know it's kind of advertising for google but then, google is all over my mind
  • Google Calendar (An excellent way to plan and let others know of your schedule)
  • Google Analytics - Provides some kind of statistical techniques to analyse traffic on your website

Other services include,
  • orkut-Probably the only thing for which VESITians turn in their PCs or attend labs!!
  • Joga- A collaborative effort with Nike for football fans, in a run-up to the World

Rumours are also abuzz about Google OS. According to rumours it has started testing a variation of the open-source OS Ubntu and projecting it as Goobuntu, currently rumoured to be tested on Dell PCs.
There are also rumours of Google Browser, since it has registered a domain name for it (
Google's Online Word Processor is supposedly under development(It acquired Writely,which was developing this word-processor).
Google is also heading towards home entertainment, so even your TVs could now be googled..

There are many more that may be in the offing..check out for periodic updates. There are also a group of google critics who say that it may run out of steam after some years, due to its random diversification (altavista tried similar thing in the late 90s and it failed in it).But then, it WILL prove them wrong..
As you must have known till now, I would luvvv to be part of such a waiting for the right opportunity...(any google employers listening??)

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