Friday, April 07, 2006

Jewels of India

The very first thing that I write about can be nothing else than the two stalwarts that India is proud of today -Our President Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and Infosys Chairman n Chief Mentor N.R.Narayana Murthy. They have inspired me a lot throughout my engineering career and will continue to do so..(I also admire JRD Tata a lot..I'll write about him later..).
Abdul Kalam's story, as he says, portrays how a person from a small village and ordinary family can reach great heights with the support of his family, friends and his mentors. His vision India 2020 says it all. He wants India to grow as a superpower by 2020 and he doesnt only say it; he has chalked roadmaps for achieving that status on many fronts. He has faced failures so many times in his life, but still has risen above all that and given India its defense prowess. I'll always remember his golden words
Dream, Dream, Dream!!
Transform your dreams into thought and thought into actions.
You'll surely succeed.

Narayana Murthy is another such great achiever from an ordinary background who reached great heights with sheer hardwork.Infosys's story is, as he says, 'the story of India's progress post the liberalisation era'. Yes, he was not the only one who founded Infosys (there were 5 others), but he was the one who spearheaded the startup and motivated the others to go on. His story is more inspirational because of the strict disciplinarian that he is and the importance he attaches to the value system. This is an exemplary example of how our values need not be compromised for profit. He had so much confidence in himself that he rejected the proposal, when a company wanted to take over Infy in 1990s for $1mn!! And then, the rest is history. Though some other Indian IT giants were started before Infy, it is almost the face of the Indian IT industry to the world. And he believes truly in paying back to the society. Infosys Foundation is working in improving the lives of the poor in 6 Indian states.
I am one of those thousands of Indians who adore these Jewels that India has produced and would be blessed even if I reach a 1 % of their greatness.

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Appu said...

i believe everyone on this earth is a jewel in oneself. God's each and every creation is a rare jewel. Even u and me. It is up to us to realise that and start 'shining'