Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Iim B-ack!

All those who feel that this post has something to do with the Imperial College of Engg (that's the 3-Idiots pseudonym for the Aayee Aai Yembee), I'm sorry to disappoint you. It is just an attention gathering trick learnt from the recent credit 'bhagat' crisis and the likes. Finally, I get to respond to blogger.com which has been waiting for me for the past 9 months (shhh...dont look at the no. of months with suspicion, its just coincidental!) with hopeful eyes. A lot has been 'happening' in my life since I last posted - the second year of my MBA life bringing in many more experiences to remember. (Sole Reader: "Bata bata, kya?" Blogger: "Kabhi detail mein bataunga, when I actually cook up something interesting" :P).

What is this post about intended to be about, then? - Everything...Anything...actually, Nothing! This is just to increase the feel-good factor (finger licking good!) among the dear reader(s) so that he can smile for the 2 minutes that he'll spend on this blog (I said smile, not laugh!...please, please stop laughing at me). It is also to let him know that I'm still alive in this part of the country, and not RIP-ed due to the life threatening attacks by Maoists-doing-net-practice/ Autowallahs-losing-fare-bargains/ Esteemed-faculty/ Peers-just-below-me-in-CGPA/ stray-dogs-looking-for-bones/ readers-who-hate-such-jokes (listed in the order of danger). I know that the flights have been withdrawn from Jamshedpur, our Mao brethren attack vehicles on road, trains get derailed every alternate day (and the other alternate days, they aren't scheduled anyways), but don't worry, 'travelling' has never been listed in the 'Hobbies & Interests' section of my CV. As long as main-aur-meri-tanhai confine ourselves to the safe h(e)aven of my room and the campus, I'm safe (much safer than the fielder at silly point facing an Ajit Agarkar shot coming towards him at a 2mph speed). If I ever feel like venturing out, I rather take the "How well do you know Nalanda ?"(or Sunderbans or Calcutta or Jhumritalaiya) quiz on Facebook, score a 99% there and decide not to leave the campus. (Non-Sticky note: Past performance in the FB quiz is no indicator of future results at MBA quizzes).

Jokes apart, this post is also a means to reduce the guilt that I feel everytime I remove the blog link from my signature only because there are no posts for the receiver to read. The post is also an answer to my fear that blogger.com will send me the following mail shortly:

Please note that we have deleted your blog account due to any or all of the following reasons: 1)inactivity by the owner for a long period 2)insane activity by the owner for a longer period 3) Winner of highest 'Flag grossly inappropriate' votes from readers 4)Mismatch between the blog URL and the owner (and better claimants to the URL) 5) No appropriate response for the question sent to you last week: "Why the [press Shift button] 1235623 [release Shift] did you start a blog?".

PS: Those who are offended by the use of the pronoun 'he' for a reader in this post, I apologize. Because I know that you wont be. Because I know that there isn't any. Because I know from advanced analytics data that the demographics of my reader base is completely skewed (screwed?) AWAY from the fairer sex. *sob, sob*
PPS: Dear XLer, don't search for a smiley [:)] in the post. This is not that cheap a publicity stunt.