Friday, April 07, 2006

The mighty river...

Some months back, I visited a place where I saw this mighty river separating some hutments from the meadows. The river looked so beautiful, but the villagers did not understand this. They were literally defacing the river with their daily chores and that's when I thought to pen the following lines...

I am that mighty river
Through the village which flows.
With hutments on one bank,
And on the other, the meadows.
The villager, his wife and others,
Bathe, wash and go away.
They see me daily in the eye
Not a word they have to say.
The green grass, on the other side
Drink me; drop-by-drop, day-by-day.
When they dance with the wind,
Thank you! They wish to convey.
I have put my soul into them,
And joy they shower on me.
Not like the man and his brothers,
Heart-less! They may be.

The sun shines on me all day
And I shimmer like gold.
A dark cloud covers it all,
The sorrow is then two-fold.
When you see me everytime
Gushing and joyful I may seem.
But that's just a robe I wear,
The truth is the other extreme.

Still I wait for the lightest ray
So that the smallest drop may glow.
And search for that smallest seed,
Tomorrow, whose friuts may show.

The sea is far, hope I lose never.
O Mother Nature! I wish I smile forever..

By the way, this was just before I got placed into this company, whose punchline I liked very much...Beyond the Obvious and which in many ways describes my character...

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Vishy said...

No comments?? I am surprised.

For some reason i like this poem the most. Probably because i have never put myself into something else and written from its eyes...Gotta try that sometime...