Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Silken Thread ...

A silken thread in my hands I hold,
Which keeps me from falling down.
I am hanging from this huge cliff,
The river below waiting for me to drown.

I had come this far with all the ropes,
But none of them are now with me.
Some I threw; they were heavy and worthless,
Some fell themselves; alone they let me be.

I fear, if this thread breaks
I'll have nothing to hold.
Thousands of feet I'll fly down,
My body will lie in this river; Cold!

But I believe in the suppoet I have,
And my hands that grip it tight.
I know it'll take long,
But then, the goal is in sight.

One day I'll conquer this mighty mountain,
Overcome any storm or rain.
Others have either gotten there sooner or left,
But I find pleasure in this enduring pain.

It's almost impossible, but for this thread
I may still tumble down the slope.
But I know the peak is calling out for me,
For I hold this thread of HOPE...


Anand Natarajan said...

Hullo Seshu

Tu aisa kabse poems likhne laga re!

Must say theyre really thought provoking! Wonderful usage of words!Hats off to u

Keep blogging frequently.. U can be sure i shall be amongst the first ones to read em.

P.S: I thought I was a poet too until I saw your poems :D

Appu said...

Hey seshu...
itna tension nahi leneka...
U are not by any means hanging by small thread, in whatever way u meant it. Hope is like a parachute...
You will fall down for sure, some da or the other, some where or the other...
But your HOPE will break your fall
Keep smiling

Vishy said...

remember that the thread is made of silk. THE strongest material on the planet.
I would rather prefer to be hanging from one silken thread, rather than 5 threads made of cotton, if only for the implicit trust i place in it.