Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some Hindi musings..

I have got a very good team with me at my work and my dear colleague Muktesh is a very good poet. He converses (and pens,too) largely in pure Hindi which unknowigly makes me 'think' in hindi sometimes. These are some four-liners that originated in the same local train musings..

Sapne toh hazaaron dekhta hoon,
Unhe paane ka honsla rakhta hoon,
Par agar ek bhi toot jaaye,
Toh ujale mein dhund ki tarah,
Unhe sama mein kahi kho deta hoon.

One of my other colleagues remarked that, i always laugh, make fun of everything and am not serious about anything. (can't believe it, no?). This is what I have to say..

Kisi ki muskaan dekhkar hans deta hoon,
Sannaate mein aankhen nam kar leta hoon,
Meri bhavnayein nahin;yeh toh bas ek aaina hain,
Zindagi mein bas ek parchai banke rah jaata hoon.

And being entangled in code and deadlines (though I love it!!), I felt something like..

Yeh raat, raat nahin; andhere ka saaya lagti hain,
Subah,subah nahin; kiranon ka ghera lagti hain,
Kya jeena ise kehte hain,
Yeh zindagi toh ek toota khilona lagti hain.

I had some more, but will post them later. These are anyways in a very raw form and I feel may work against increasing the readership!!(:)).
PS: If you feel that this kind of poetry is worth spending a few minutes, do look over all of them (including many English poems) and comment.