Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beta returns

(Kyun bhaai, hamesha Mummy Returns hi hona chahiye kya?)
Couldn't think of a worse title than this. Of course, the other cliched "I'm back" could have been there, but then our dear reader would have thought it was inspired by our 'Monty is back' tagline for Karzzz(lots of snores follow). Isse badi gaali kya ho sakti hain - being inspired by HR (arre, not the XLRI-asia's-best-wala HR), this is apna topiwala HR). Ok, before the your mouse pointer moves closer to the Close button on this window, let me get to the post.

Your friend (that's me!) is now pursuing his Yem-Bee-Yay (MBA, in a Rajini accent) in Bijness Management(BM) from XLRI, Jamshedpur. (for those who know tamil, avan yembi-yembi padikkiraan). And has completed one term of academics (results not yet out, so there's still time for being 1/6th of an MBA). Being in one of the most prestigious institutes is an experience by itself, and very difficult to put it in words (But I would still apni-jaan-pe-khel-ke post my experiences in the next few days). For now, I'm back to Mumbai, enjoying my term-break with lots of sleep and lots of khaana intermittently, like my unforgettable berozgaari-wale din.[writer is humming 'jaane kahan... gaye woh din...']. And, finally, I find some time to catch up with my friends (from a pre-historic era of dd-mm-yy <= 12-Jun-08), who were happy to find me alive, after all those 3-second ping-u-later responses from me for these 3 months. (Some even mailed google to find out, whether they have any auto-respond features added to gtalk). Ok, before the reader concludes that I was on Big Boss 2 for half the duration, let me post answers to some of the FAQs.

Q: How was Life@XL?
A: Awesome. You don't get to have a respectable time to sleep. Food is not your priority. You are constantly demeaned by your 'relative' performance as compared to those top-wale-toppers (How I wish sometimes that I had many relatives in XL, so that my relative grading would improve). You regret that you said 'call-you-later' even to your mom calling you after 2 days. You start doubting whether not being an engineer would have helped (this is just a joke, added to make the size of the list>3). And most of all, you are tired of all those you-are-2-years-IT-workex-guy? looks, as if I were one amongst those robots in I-robot, who just would have the barcode differing from others. But to sum it up in one word, (like Barney of How I Met your Mother would put it), it was LegeND-Ary (capitalized words to be stressed on). For those, who feel that this is some kind of cognitive dissonance (yes, I am doing somewhat good in the Organizational Behavior course!), you would have to wait for my next few posts that would describe THE experience. (So much to keep the audience glued. I would be hired by Star News to make ads for their 'dekhiye aaj raat nau baje' crime stories).

Q: How do I prepare for the entrance tests?
A: I would want to share my secret recipe for success - 1) Pray to God, before, after and during the exams. 2) Make sure, you send the applications at the correct time, so that your hall ticket number adds up to your lucky number. 3) Scare the maximum amount of test-takers by whichever means possible, so that their bad performance boosts your percentile. OK, on a serious note, I didn't do any of these (except point 1, which probably is the only reason why I am here). There's only a few things that I can tell you over this post. Like, make sure, you take as many mock tests as possible at regular intervals and analyse your performance thoroughly (analysis is a detailed discussion in itself; to cut it short, it is just to find out the best way possible to attempt that paper, and to find gaps with the way you solved them). If you have found where you go wrong, then you can set it right within days. Have confidence in your abilities - it is not just the aptitude, it is the attitude that matters too. I believe the only major task in these entrance test, is to identify the right questions. If you are taking more time to solve a section, then you have chosen the wrong set of questions (unless, of course, you are grossly under-prepared). Even with an average preparation, these two tips would help you easily reach the mid-90 percentiles (atleast I could get that!). Practise would take you a little closer to your dream institutes. Of course, there are many ifs and buts. But, as companies usually say about appraisals and promotions, 'they would be taken on a case-by-case basis'. I may still not be the right person to dole out all this gyaan to you, as I have not even taken so much pain as so many others have done, to get here. (I sometimes feel, my luck would even win me a Sikkim super-lotto; given the extent to which it has helped me till date). But still,I hope these pointers are of some use.

Anyways, its 3.53AM as of now, and I'm still wide awake (how I whine about not getting sleep due to acads, and I am awake even without them). So let me end this post for now. Ye the samachar aaj tak, intezaar kijiye kal tak.FULL ISSHTOP.


Vishy said...

Finally a post! I wondered why I was getting tired of reading the Hello Moto ad.. I mean post.. And then I saw the post date :)

Deepan said...

You forgot one thing (which is of the most interest to me) - food at XLRI. The no priority sentence sounds ominous.

Seshadri said...

@vishy - cud u plz pass on the msg to motorola mktg guys..might improve my financial position :)

@deepan - can't write much, as the media cell wud kill me for keeping off aspirants ;). but yeah, its finger lickin good (plz pay me for this ad) on atleast 2-3 days in a week. and u wud always find potatoes in the menu..

Deepan said...

Spoken like a true marketing MBA.

Savita said...

long time Man!!
Finally back with a bang...

Btw looking at your Moto "Ad" for over 1 year has brainwashed me (a true ardent fan of nokia) into buying a Motocell...
started marketing even before you started your MBA.. ;)