Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Rose Garden ...

I wrote the following lines in Bhubaneswar after a significant day.

Walking on this long road
Here is where I finally arrive.
The 'rose garden' is what they say,
Not just flowers, but fully alive.

I saw lilies on the way,
On the golden daffodils I did stare.
They called out to me all along,
But for those voices I didnt care.

This is the time I waited for
Roses all around,pink yellow and red.
The sight I could have never dreamt of,
Words i could have never said.

I picked one of them, so lovely it was,
For a moment my heart brimmed with joy.
But then, the nasty thorn pricked me hard,
I cried with pain; it hurt me,O boy!

I held that precious beauty still in my hand,
As blood oozed out of me.
My fingers felt those gentle petals,
But only the hurt thumb I did see.

A smile on my face, no longer than a blink,
Tears filled my eyes as I felt pain terribly.
Not at all what I wished!
The garden seemed so gloomy.

I walked away from the place,
Looking back at the fallen rose on the way.
Perhaps the wait is not yet over,
The real garden is still far away...

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