Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Rose Garden (II)...

Please read the first part of the poem in the earlier post. I actually thought the poem ended with the earlier part. But then on another significant day in Bhubaneswar, I continued it with these lines...It may seem boring because of the redundancy, but then it was still important for me to write this..

I couldn't forget that beauty; that sight,
I planted a rose at my place,
Hoping I would have that experience,
That joy, in a few days.

I waited there each day,
With hopes running through my mind.
But later,I forgot to water that seed,
And even nature was not so kind.

There it lay unseen,unknown,
For days, yearning for me.
But I couldn't care even a bit,
Oh! How stupid I could be!

TOday, I went to see it bloom,
Hoping a beautiful welcome.
But then, the rose wasnt there
Only thorns I found some.

The same pain,the same gloom,
Dark clouds over me.
Tears flowed down my eyes again,
Life is still a failure for me.

I don't know what the future holds,
I may still win some day.
But now, the wait is not yet over,
The real garden is still far away...


Janani said...

Wow...Good poem...Great posts..

Vishy said...

Hope you reach the garden one day.
yes, this is Vishy. No need to blink or rub your eyes :)

Hey by the way, i got a 1560 in gre.
Stay in touch yar...your mails in sfmc are the most i miss nowadays...little gems of advice they were.

Vishy said...

Ouch. Seeing that display pic of mine reminds me of the one true Queen. Whats up with her? Any news? I need your advice badly now that GRE is over.

savita said...

Jus beautiful...

...Nice to see you back..