Monday, October 21, 2013


Change is the only constant (Yes, ax+by+c wala!), they say. And lot of things have changed in my life since the last post, 1357 days ago. From being a student to consultant; from being single to engaged; from Jamshedpur to Kalyan (and from Kalyan to Currey Road!); Aah se aaha tak, a lot has changed. But one thing remains the same - what I plan to do with this blog. Learn, share, spread some smiles, and give away some free food-for-thought. Thanks to my fiance and some of my really kind friends from school, who reminded me of my blog, here I am, hopefully for good :).

PS: An auto-driver reminded me today, the meaning of the word 'change' itself is not constant "Sahab, change lao".. Hatt kahe ka proverb !

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jalpa prajapati said...

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