Saturday, December 30, 2006

The quest ...

I'm back again!! No loong reasaons..I was just veryyy busy with my work, and my PC too is still dead. Lotsa thoughts running through my mind these days..Just get very little time to 'document' it (software lingo :) ). My creative half takes over at 10pm on my way back in the local trains...This one (ya! I know it will seem very amateurish..), was the result of one such quick attempt.

I went on a quest that other day,
In search of that dear face.
Dying to see that beautiful smile,
To feel that glint in the eye.
To hear that heartening giggle,
To wipe that occasional tear.

I went far and wide,
Walked all the streets I know.
Met my dearest friends,
Scoured the oldest mails.
Recalled my sweetest memories,
Sung that melodious song.

Tired of my long quest,
When I rest my feet.
I realise how futile the journey is,
As I rest my mind in thoughtless state.
He's waiting for me with open arms,
At this very place all along.
And when I close my eyes and look within,
I find my priceless treasure - the real "me".

I don't know how you would have found it. But,anyways, I plan to return to my earlier mode this new year.(if time permits,that is ;))

1 comment:

savita said...

nice poem... liked the way you took it.. the flow i mean...
i completely agree...
only you can be your own closest friend...